Something scary’s due in October …

Telltale Games, the crazed madmen behind The Walking Dead – aka Clementine’s Heartrending Life Story – won’t tell anyone what it has in mind for Season Two, but it is willing to say when it will say what it has in mind. Later in October, it Tweets, it’ll have “big news” for Season Two. “Who’s ready?” it cries. We are! And so’s the cat, and Auntie Doris.

It also mumbled something about a Big Bad reveal in October as well, but surely that will only interest fans of Fables. The last time we had anything to talk about for The Walking Dead it was the 400 Days almost-prequel for Season Two, but that was back in July, and no doubt you’ve already consumed that like zombie popcorn. But the choices you made there will affect Season Two’s plot, so let’s hope you didn’t set fire to a nun, or something similar.

Can’t wait? Pretend you’re British, and keep a stiff upper lip. The zombies will be here shortly with more information.

Source: Telltale Twitter

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