Episode four of Telltale’s Game of Thrones will begin releasing next Tuesday and will be titled “Sons of Winter.”

Game of Thrones is a story that’s on many mediums. And, while most of its fans are likely bouncing back and forth between yearning for the next book and looking forward to the latest episode of HBO’s TV series, many of us in the realm of gaming have been most eager for latest the chapter in Telltale’s addition to the saga of Westeros. Their patience will soon be rewarded because the game’s fourth episode will be arriving next week.

More specifically, the new episode will be releasing on PS3, PS4 PC and Mac this coming Tuesday May 26th. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 editions will come out the following day on May 27th while the iOS and Android games will land on the 28th. Episode four, according to a new trailer released by Telltale, will be called “Sons of Winter.”

Speaking personally, I’m pretty stoked for the new episode, especially after watching its trailer. Up until now, things have pretty much been going horribly for the player’s family, House Forrester. If the content shown in the trailer is any indicator, the Forresters might finally be getting a chance to strike back a little bit. Granted, it also looks like things might also become dire for certain members of the family, but I can stomach sacrificing some if it means that the bad guys finally get what’s coming to them.

Source: IGN

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