Telltale’s Zombie Epic Out December 11th


The Walking Dead limited edition GameStop collection is still available.

If you were thinking about giving someone the gift of fear, pain and Clementine for Christmas, there is hope: Telltale’s The Walking Dead compilation is out December 11th in the US and Canada. If you happen to be interested in the deluxe collectable edition, there’s still some time to get it, according to Telltale’s press release.

The disc set will feature all five episodes of the first season, and RRP is $29.99. However some sets are only available from specific retailers; the PC edition, for one, can only be had from Best Buy, which also has a Limited Edition cover variant and exclusive poster. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions can be had pretty much anywhere games are sold, but Gamestop’s the only place that has the collectable edition.

For those new to the party, Telltale’s The Walking Dead features Lee Everett (i.e. you) as a former convict turned reluctant hero. On the first day of the apocalypse Lee finds a lost eight year old named Clementine, who he then does his best to protect. It’s been nominated for several VGA awards, including best voice for both Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett, and Melissa Hutchison (Clementine). Brilliant storytelling and chilling horror have earned it all kinds of plaudits; here’s hoping Season Two will be as good!

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