Tempore, Beginnings: Chapter 3

The founder of Paradise City , is a huge Guns N Roses fan, he built the city in northeast America , near the Canadian border. The city is the first to allow Sylphs medical attention , the first to allow land owners to rent or sell to Sylphs.

Despite all of these firsts , the city is still under the protection and thumb of the United States, forcing injured Sylphs to register their known powers even before treatment. The laws in the United States are lax when compared to those in Europe, especially in France, and South America.

A month before the Locust space station is blown into shards,

Outside of Paradise City, in a small rural neighborhood,

Doctor Joseph Greil, begins closing up his clinic , he sighs , when he thinks about what his patients will do when he has to close the clinic. “Excuse me, are you doctor Greil?” Vartan asks the young man , who is barely thirty , with a build and hair style of someone far younger.

Joseph turns to face the voice , “Yes I am, what can I do you for,” Vartan motions to the car behind him , “I have some friends that need medical attention,” Doctor Greil , shakes his head, “Sylphs I take it?” Vartan nods, whispering , “I reckon so,” Doctor Greil , turns around unlocks his door, “Ok bring them in,”

A few hours pass , as Doctor Greil goes through checking each Agnessa, Rhan, Vartan , Seth , and Talutah. He patches them up , with same care as he would any other patient.

“The girl , Agnessa , is beginning to heal already, the wounds aren’t that bad , and I could close them with Ghiest patches.” Doctor Greil speaks to Vartan and Talutah, then he continues, “Rhan , has some major breaks , that will take a week to completely heal even with her accelerated healing common in ‘early Sylphs’. She gonna have to be kept off her feet for at least three days.” Doctor Greil hands Vartan a bottle of pills, “Rhan has wings , other bat like features, her sight may begin to fail , I suggest you give these to her , it will keep the bat genes from becoming dominant. You are going to have to train her like a child to control her rages and I doubt if she will be about to speak any our known languages.”

Doctor Greil stands up, starts walking them to the door, “Seth , I don’t know what to do with him. He is either an animated corpse , a very new breed of Sylph, he has energy instead of blood, he is suffering from delusions , and, ” Doctor Greil hands Vartan a small box of sleeping pills, “I notice that he is having problem with voices directing his actions, I can’t quiet the voices , there is no way to find out what is causing the problem These pills will allow him to sleep at night.”

Vartan shakes Doctor Greil’s hand , “How much do we owe you?” Doctor Greil sighs , “I normally charge hundred dollars for non insurance cases,” Vartan counts out eight hundred in cash, for Doctor Greil.

Sometime else,

“Carol , they been following us since we left the restaurant,” He wife screams in his ear, he wants to turn to her and scream back , ‘Gee I never noticed!’ but he was scared, he looks back at his son, Garret, and then stares at his niece. She was very beautiful at ten years old , but she had a feature which made her , the object of attention , on her back were a part of feathered wings.

“Carol!” A truck pulls out in front of them , slowing down , forcing Carol to slow to crawl , he attempts to pass the truck , but the driver , moves into the middle of the road.

The car that had been following them pulls up along side them , the men who had stared at his niece , scream , “Pull it over , you freak lover!” Others in the car are chanting , Carol keeps his eye on the road , but his niece begins to get scared , and his wife breaks into sobs.

The first alley Carol sees he pulls down , scrapping the paint job of his semi-new dodge mini-van, he hits the gas as he comes out into a deserted street , he turns down another alley , then another alley , then finally onto a crowded street.

“I think you lost them hun..” Even as his wife says that he watches the car that had been follow appear behind him. He goes cold , looking for police officer, his wife begins to cry again.

“There hun! Turn in there!” Carol turns into the gas station , where a police car sits , with two officers. His wife jumps out of the car before he can pull to a stop, he rolls the car to a stop , in front of the gas station.

Police officer , Dirk Russeit, tries to calm the woman down, “Ok so a car has been chasing you?” The other police officer , Jason Lefunt , doesn’t like Sylph , his church views them as a abominations, and sin.

“Yes we were eating…” The car pulls into the gas station, Dirk Russeit, steps forward , when the two men, in dark clothing, who get out of the car , spray him, and Carol’s wife , with automatic gunfire.

Dirk Russeit looks down at the heavy wounds , as he drops to his knee, it registers that bullets are burning him.

Jason Lefunt drops , drawing out his illegal MP pulse pistol , he stands and begins to fire , the first man , jumps as the energy blast cut through his body armor, and shred the car into ribbons and shards of metal. Jason fires into the remaining man, cutting the man down.

Jason says after they are both dead , “Freeze,”


As Carol watches his wife get gun down , he jumps back into the car , and cranks the engine. Just as he does , a man steps out of the shadows , firing two armor piercing bullets through the windshield , striking Carol about the body. Carol hand slides and the car slides backwards bumping the pumps.

The man is about to fire on the car , when he watches Jason take out the car , and his friends. The man ducks behind the wall, “Get the SUV in here now!”

Jason turns just in time to see , a black and gold SUV , pull up , the door slides open , revealing a mini-gun , Jason whispers, “Christ,” The mini gun begins to fire , Jason holds both hands out, using his belt force shield generator to full to prevent getting cut in half by the mini-gun, instead is knocked down.

Jason’s eyes follow the mini gun , as it begins to slice up the car , and gas pumps.

“You got…” The man who had killed Carol , whispers, “What in the hell,” The boy leads the girl from the car , the opposite side from the SUV. The man says, “They are out, the opposite side of the car ,” The SUV driver calls back, “We can’t track either one now, the boy is a Sylph too!” The man whispers, “GODDAMN things , like cockroaches,”

The mini-gun comes down finally on the boy , watches as the gun unloads hundreds of rounds, they pop and burst , the man whispers, “Some kind of heat sheild, cooking the bullets, switch to blaster,” The SUV’s mini-gun vanishes and is replaced by light laser based blaster, it fires a solid beam of energy that strikes the boy full in the chest , throwing him into the gas station service area.

The SUV charges for another attack , when the boy stands up , he opens his mouth as if to scream , but instead produces a sonic attack that throws the SUV tumbling into the side of a building.

The boy turns to the his cousin , and walks to her , as he does the murderer of the boy’s father steps out , and begins to pull the trigger. The girl screams, the boy turns , as the heavy bullets strike him through the chest and body.

The man who killed Carol , watches as the boy begins to move, his fingers digging into the soft asphalt. He decides not to take any chances with the boy, rolling a grenade into the gas pumps.

Present day, late October, just before Halloween,

Paradise Mall, though not a true mall, it is more likely to be called a Wal-Mart Supercenter, with a theater , food court and selection of smaller shops, such as banks, ice cream shops , varies delis and other things.

The Paradise Mall was built , after a Sylph group of mercenaries battle their way through the greater downtown area , creating millions of dollars in damage. Many of the shops would have just died , but Wal-Mart rallied the owners to demand new buildings, tax relief and funding. The result was a massive rebuilding of the downtown area , creating an immense covered overpass that leads into the mall. Along side the four lane overpass is bullet train, bike trail and moving sidewalk , that was covered as well.

Beyond the Mall is a vast amount of empty forest, cleared land , and few houses of the idle rich. Wal-Mart of course owned this land , planning on developing it further , though the mayor was lobbying for a man-made lake , or a golf course.

The building itself is little more than a warehouse than any other type of store, the roof is over fifteen feet high , with massive steel rafters , crossing the building, with massive light sources.

“Garret, hun?” He snaps back to reality remembering that night only a few months ago, he turns to face his aunt , she was barely old enough to drive, “Sorry Aunt Christy, I was,” She reaches out and ruffles the fourteen’s brownish blonde hair, “Thinking about a that girl who called you last night?” She smiles , and then turns to her daughter, “Since your cousin doesn’t want to answer my question, what is your answer sweetheart?” The girl shifts, to inch her wings , “I think yes, but..” Garret watches them, ‘girls what is with them,’

Aunt Christy pulls into the mall , then finds a parking space closest to the small bookstore she loves to browse while the kids , go and hunt the mall for game. She pulls out her wallet , hands them their allowance , plus enough extra for the video game machines, she says to her daughter, “Rachel , stay with Garret , and if you get lost , we meet by the teddy bear shop,” Her daughter rolls her eyes , “I know mom,” Aunt Christy turns to Garret , “Take care of her,”

Rachel, follows Garret into the Paradise Mall, she takes in the varies food places lining the food court , especially the ice cream shop, Garret , whispers, “Psst you are drooling,” Rachel , smiles , but doesn’t say anything, she whispers , “I want a bubble gum , and Nerds banana split when we get done looking,”

They move through the food court, taking in the different food places, it is a major treat to eat out, and Garret hope to be able to get a roast beast sandwich, and curly fries.

Rachel touches Garret’s elbow, “Look in the reflection at the hot dog place,” Garret looks at the hot dog place, striding into the mall , is a huge figure , seven foot tall , dressed in massive black, red and golden armor, a helmet , that covers its head , neck and ears , with a plate in the front that looks like a demon’s face. Flanking it are two individuals , dressed in the latest fashions , one a semi-cute teenager girl with dark grey-red hair , and deep orange eyes, and the other is a teenage male of African lineage, his head shaved, when the figure pauses they do as well.

Rachel and Garret watches the figure , whom has the doors and windows sealed with ice and stone. He then cries out , “Have fun , my children, remember we having gift exchange tonight,” The armored figure strides through the crowd , as he begins , “If anyone has any objections to us taking whatever we wish then by all means say so now,” The armored figure waves his hand, “Good this mall is ours,”

The lights , and security systems are shorted out somewhere in the mall.

Garret reaches down , and picks up Rachel , then turns to watch as the people run from the teenagers , that begin to seal the doors and windows with some kind of orange goo. Rachel whispers, “What is happening?” Garret replies , “I don’t know , let’s go find your mom,”

In the shop, called the Billion Words & Coffee shop,

Garret finds , his Aunt Christy huddle in the small coffee booth , near the plate glass window. Garret slides Rachel to her mother, he watches his aunt , she breathes , “This isn’t going to be good.” Garret watches her, he hasn’t seen her this scared since she had come to the hospital to sit with him.

He puts he hand over his aunt’s hand, Rachel sucks her thumb for the first time since she was a baby.

Suddenly a teenager with fiery mane hanging from his head down his spine, dressed in dark blue clothing, appears , he produces a ball of fire , then bellows , “Alright folks gather around, we gonna put you all in the same area so its easier to keep track of you,”

Christy gets up , she begins to ask Rachel, ‘Where is Garret?’ But she doesn’t she walks holding the hand of her daughter, praying for her nephew.

Watching from the rafters , high over head, Garret whispers, “I will be back for you soon, Aunt Christy,” Garret runs the length of the massive beams, thinking to himself. ‘If I fight them, and lose, they might come back hurt my family.’

Garret drops into a Halloween department , his ability to absorb energy types and redirect them into varies attack, defense and movement abilities, allows him to absorb kinetic impact damage as well, though it still hurts to land, which is why he forces kinetic energy down to slow to a managable drop. Garret growls , “Blasted kids , Pokemon, Power Rangers, Barney , Mummy,” He has to make do with varies parts of a other costumes, since he doesn’t want to be a Power Ranger nor a Pokemon. In the slasher area, he grabs a “Scream Mask” , some varies candies , rope , and gloves , then jumps straight up into the rafters.

Garret walks the rafters , he is moving faster than normal , he curses himself for not sun bathing this weekend. The energy around him , is only good for weak attacks or defenses, he wishes he had made time , instead of going out with Heather.

Garret has the advantage , though , surprise , and superior vantage point, he can see the entire store nearly , he takes a deep breath , then walks to the area where they are gathering the hostages, a small wishing pond and sitting area.

When most of the hostages have been gathered up. He watches the two teenagers , the one with the fiery mane, and monestrous boy with a single strand of hair , and murky white eyes, dressed in ‘Nightshade temperature defense gear’ a set of body armor, goggles and gloves design for high heat or extreme cold.

Garret picks a time when the monestrous boy is away from the hostage, Garret drops down on him, driving him into the ground, Garret uses the kinetic energy to bounce himself to the mountain of rock , that rises up four feet from the middle of the pond.

“Far be it for me tell you about shopping, but pets are a lot of work,” Garret dressed in a mismatched set of costumes from the reject Halloween bin , watches the teenagers.

The teenager with fiery mane hanging from his head down his spine, “Mammoth you ok?” The monestrous boy rises from the ground, shaking his head, “It didn’t hurt none, Scarletforce,”

They turn as one, looking him over , and they begin to laugh , Garret whispers, “Hey its hard not having costume, getting and making one at last minute with enough time to save the day,” The teenager with fiery mane hanging from his head down his spine , “Do you even have any powers, or are you just freak with a Halloween mask?” Garret shrugs , “As the Tootsie Sucker owl would say ‘Let’s find out’ ,”

The teenager with the fiery mane, named Scarletforce , “Lets get him,” The monestrous boy, Mammoth leaps into the air , as Scarletforce feints a fireball that cause Garret to jump, but Mammoth is waiting.

With a crushing blow , Garret is driven into the floor , he gets up , covers up his face , as flames engulf him , turning his body into a flaming mass , the flames swirl , and sharpen into humanoid figure, as Garret begins to control the energy.

Scarletforce remarks , “Pretty cool, but I bet there is a limit to how much you can absorb and control,” With a hand signal Mammoth, shifts from Super Strength , to Super Speed, taking Garret into his arms, then Mammoth adjusts his balance back to Super Strength. Scarletforce points both hands , focuses the blast into Garret only.

Mammoth begins to sweats , as the fire consumes both Garret and himself, the ‘Nightshade temperature defense gear’ allows Mammoth to stay in the pocket. Scarletforce begins to turn up the heat , and fire.

“No,” Her mother instructs , in a voice to low for anyone but her to hear, Rachel struggles to keep herself calm, a common trait in ‘early Sylph’ is uncontrollable rage which triples the effectiveness of the Sylph.

“You men folks , get in the front , sit on your knees, let the kids and women crawl out towards the plant goods.” A elderly black woman is speaking, another woman speaks softly, “Good idea, teenagers won’t go near there ,” Only two men protest about being put in the front , but a big burly man , named Frank , and his half brother , help the men find their chivalry.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Garret begins to burn , he has absorbed too much , he forces his eyes open , to watch the hostages go , ‘Bit longer,’ his costume is protected by a heat shield , but his skin , and body are burning , his body aches like a tense and knotted muscle.

Scarletforce begins to kick up the fireball, he closes his eyes, he hasn’t done any real fighting only mock fighting , he is unaware of the hostages getting away, nor does he realize that the teenager who he is using his power , is feeding that individual’s core powers.

In the gardening area of the Mall, in the back section ,

A beautiful red haired , golden-green eyed young girl, just barely seventeen , watches the approach of the hostages. The girl puts down the plant she is ‘talking to’ and watches as they come towards her.

“You can’t go out this way, I am not allowed to let you go,” She states , she commands the vines to thicken and tighten around exit. At her next command two huge dogs , made of a mixture of metal , wood and leaves , appears.

She closes her eyes , her body becoming covered in metal , and wood armor, she pants , as the transformation is tiring. She whispers, “I am sure the Dreamer Gabriel, will allow..” She trails off, she feels the tug at her mind, she struggles to fight it, but she doesn’t have will yet.

She walks , and talks like someone else, Aunt Christy thinks, “The great Dreamer, Gabriel has brought forth his children to enjoy the riches of this great nation, that would other wise have thrown them away. If you want to leave then it will be over my dead body,” Christy watches the dogs back away from her, then she snaps back to reality , watching them blankly.

As the last hostage has gone far enough , Garret focuses his energy and begins to raise the heat in the area around him. The pond begins to boil , then with grunt Garret exhales a blast of heat that throws Scarletforce and Mammoth clear from him.

They land a few feet away , crashing into the floor , with grunts that knock the wind out them. Garret , draws the flame back from his body, as he doesn’t want to set the store on fire or do too much damage.

Garret turns to hear clapping ,

“Very impressive,” The armored figure , and the teenager of African lineage, with his head shaved, appear suddenly. The armored figure begins softly, “I am the Dreamer Gabriel, these are my children..” Garret remarks softly , “You need some parenting classes , Dad,” Gabriel watches , him, “Just merely taking what is owned us ,” Gabriel begins , “Isn’t there anything you desire, you wish you had, do you know what it is like to abandon thrown away, used. These children do, I am merely giving what they wish, a family and a good life,” Garret shakes his head, “You gonna get them killed, and dying isn’t much of living,”

Gabriel whispers, “Take a DVD player, or maybe you have your eye on a Playstation 2 , maybe there is something else you desire,” Garret feels a grasp around his mind, taunting him , that Dreamer Gabriel can give him anything he desire, but just as Gabriel has taken hold of the boy’s mind , Garret bond to his aunt and cousin draw back to reality.

Gabriel barely manages to move from the blast of energy , that rockets from Garret’s open eyes. The teenager of African lineage rushes in , a second after the blast , he covers himself in diamond armor, Garret begins to get cut by the sharp material. The teenager of African lineage is far better skill wise than Garret, he land edge blows , being careful not to land impact blows.

Garret is forced to force the heat energy into a thin layer of armor, that doesn’t provide effective protection from cutting , stinging blows.

“Popcorn?” Gabriel turn to the two girls sitting watching , teenager of African lineage, beating the hell out of Garret. Gabriel whispers, “Please go gather up the carts and make sure you have everything you want , we will be leaving soon.” The younger of the teenage girls, with deep brown hair , mixed with yellows , golds and oranges , gets up her eyes blank , as she leaves. The other girl , her features tinted by light blue , her blonde hair ends in blue tips, follows.

Garret jumps into the rafters , the teenager of African lineage watches him , Gabriel whispers, “Finish this, Agate,” The teenager of African lineage, called Agate , watches Gabriel , then says, “Do you mean I should kill him?” Gabriel nods, Agate’s eyes glaze over.

Suddenly Agate is standing just beyond Garret , he has causes a massive column of earth to rocket him into the rafters. Garret sighs, his energy is about gone , from healing himself, he walks backwards a bit.

Agate walks into the Garret , he lifts both hands , firing diamond shards into the boy. Garret brings up a force field , but some of the diamond shards punch through, cause Garret to be struck , and cut. He closes his eyes, then Agate is hitting him , landing punches that cut , Garret twist as best as he can from the attacks.

Agate stops , Garret smiles , Agate demands, “What is so funny?” Garret , smiles , “Just watch,” The PA system suddenly comes alive , blaring some god awe music. A cluster of PA speakers are right behind Garret , he closes his eyes, Agate whispers , “Crap,” Garret opens his mouth , a blast of sonic attack knocks Agate backwards , he bounces once , and then hits the beam, knocking the wind out of himself.

Garret waves to Rachel , who is sitting in the control booth. Agate slowly gets up, his armor dies away, he kneels down, breathing heavily. Garret walks over to him , “You ok?” Agate shrugs, “I had you,” Garret nods , “Almost did,” Agate rubs his shoulder, then says, “I think I broke it or something, ” Garret turns away , Agate says , “The one name Orchid, don’t hit her like you did me or the others,” Agate describes her, “She brown hair , tinted with yellows , golds and oranges,”

“Orchid , when you are finish , putting that stuff in the carts, be a good girl and get that bag I showed you,” Gabriel whispers, the girl, with brown hair , tinted with yellows , golds and oranges, watches him blankly , then goes back to packing.

The girl with features tinted by light blue , her blonde hair ends in blue tips, appears, “Gabriel, Agate got busted up pretty bad, and the masked boy got away,” Gabriel nods, “Scarletforce and Mammoth are they doing ok?” The girl shrugs, “Boy plays rough, Mammoth is just fine , Scarletforce is complaining about ribs and hands,” Gabriel nods , “Ok Crystal,” Then softly , “The boy lacks training , his abilities and stunts are raw , it will be hard for him to hold back. Understood?” Crystal stares blankly at Gabriel, then nods.

Aunt Christy begins to pull up chairs , the beautiful red haired , golden-green eyed young girl has barely even notice them, though most of the people present haven’t noticed her sulking and trouble looks, only a mother or a teenager would understand.

She walks over to the girl , whispering to the dogs, “Don’t growl at me,” They whimper a bit, the girl looks up , as the woman hands her a coke and some crackers, “Here you go,” The golden-green eyed girl takes the Coke , sips it, she whispers, “I can’t let you go no matter how nice you are to me,” Christy whispers, “It would be easier for you if we were mean to you, wouldn’t it?” The girl shrugs, Christy smiles , “I know that shrug and I know that look,” The girl shrugs again.

Golden-green eyed girl lets out a sharp yelp, as Garret drops down in front of her, grabs then jumps into the rafters. He dumps her on the rafter beam hard, then points a hand at the girl , “Remove the plants or I will,” He watches her then whispers, “I watched you talking to that catus , lady, I know it would caused you pain for me to burn the plants away,” Golden-green eyed girl begins to feel the grasp on her mind once again, she struggles , but gives in.

Like a shot , the girl is up and moving , she covers herself in metal , and wood armor, she throws fist and kicks , that Garret easily blocks. Then she slips , as one of the kicks misses , she falls over the side of the beam.

Her eyes blankly snap open and close , Garret , drops after her , but she is falling to fast for him, he closes his eyes , and pushes himself down faster , he grabs her arm, he stares into the blank eyes blinking. In a yank he draws the girl into his body , he turns her in mid air , then feels the ground slam into him.

Golden-green eyed girl moves on top of him , she lifts the mask a bit , kisses his cheek, she breathes, “I am sorry and thank you,” She pushes herself up, she winches as straightens up, she feels Christy behind her, the girl whispers, “Take the hostages out of here,” then softly , “Please now, I ..” She grabs her head , Christy watches Garret then grabs Rachel by the hand and half drags her as the hostages begin to leave. Rachel fights and struggles but Christy picks her up , “No hun he will be ok,” to herself , ‘I pray to God he will be ok,’

“And the hostages got away while you were knocked out?” Gabriel demands, golden-green eyed girl nods, Gabriel reaches out to grasp her mind but he feels a heavy slap. He watches her, then turns to his flock , “Ok we are ready to go…” Gabriel shivers , he pulls out the device that allows him to teleport them instantly to anywhere in the world, the device light is dead.

Suddenly there is a blur , Mammoth is struck by something , Mammoth folds as if he has been hit in the gut , then his body snaps backwards , as if reacting to a hit. He slumps over, shifts to Immunity, as the attack continues.

“I can’t find a target ,” Crystal screams to Scarletforce, as he levels a hand and covers the area in a bath of fire, revealing a figure, dressed in armored black suit, with a gold cross. Then there is a sound, “Hollows, that is enough,” Gabriel turns to face a group dressed in armored black suits. Crystal whispers, “Gabriel, those are ‘True Knight’ suits,” Gabriel goes cold , he watches the group, robbing a store should not have provoked such a powerful group.

The ‘True Knight’ suits designed by Nightshade , are strongest , fastest suits available, they are only sold to military units. The group leader , a large bulky man , with a massive black shield and a blaster that covers his arm, states , “Ghiest’s daughter, get over here,” Gabriel whispers, “Ghiest’s daughter? You must have the wrong information..” The group leader points to the golden-green eyed girl, “Genetically speaking she is the daughter of Ghiest, hand her over,”

Hollows moves in a blur, grabbing the girl by the arm , and yanking her forward, nearly tearing her arm from its socket. Hallows appears behind the group, as the leader says , “Make it quick, there is another team outside dismantling our Warmachines,”

Agate feels a hand hit him in the gut, he screams, forcing his body to become stone, the blows crack his skin, but Agate manages to land a few blows , until the armored suit , strikes his injured arm , causing Agate to screaming and draw back.

Like a savage the armor suit is striking the wounded area , Agate loses his armored body, as the blows begin to take their toll.

Crystal extends a hand , lets out a withering blast of cold , catching the armored figure pounding on Agate. She watches as her friend falls back , his breathing slows to a crawl, she begins toward him , when another armored suit , kicks her from the side in the gut. She drops to the ground, she screams as another blow comes down.

Mammoth tackles the armored figure beating on Crystal , he starts to rear back when the figure points a hand at the boy. Mammoth is engulfed in a blast of energy that knocks him into to the air, through the roof and gone from sight.

Scarletforce steps in front of Orchid, he screams at her to run , but her eyes go blank. Scarletforce watches two armored suits appear before him , he closes his eyes , unleashes as much heat as he can, one of the suits , explodes under the extreme heat.

The other suit fires a blast into Scarletforce, the boy screams , then he slumps over a smoking heap. He watches as the suit stalks pass him.

Orchid mindlessly throws herself in front of the suits advancing on Gabriel, he turns and begins to retreat. Orchid lands a few blows then stops , drops , the suit whispers, “What happen?” The suit kneels , then whispers, “Cheap cybernetic parts, they gave out,”

“RACHEL!” Christy screams looking for her daughter, then she sees a shape drop into the hole that Mammoth had came out of. She begins to scream , feeling helpless.

Rachel drops from the air , snatching Crystal from one of the armored suits, it turns and attempts to target her but she is moving like a blur. He turns , as the shape turns around drops , Agate vanishes.

“We got a flyer, I can’t track it,” The armored suit calls to its teammates, another “You only got one flyer??” The first armored suit replies, “I got… 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 flyers now,” Scarletforce vanishes. Another armored suit , whispers, “This is insane , nothing can move at Mach 3 and without making a sound,” The second armored suit , “My suit gots 6 targets , varying speeds,” Finally Orchid.

Rachel shakes her cousin , gently , “Hi!” greeting him as if they are were some place like the park. Garret groans, then greets her , “Hi kiddo,” She is wearing a pikachu mask, he notices her wings have grown into adult wings, he ruffs her hair , “We safe,” She shakes her head, “I made after images , like when we play tag,” He grins , “You know you gonna get such a spanking from your mom?” Rachel growls, “BUT I WANTED TO HELP TOO!”

“Idiots , goto the lower right corner , there is movement,” The team leader’s voice tells them.

The armored suits turn the corner, a blast of sonic attack throws them back. They begin to get up, but are greeted by another sonic blast. Again they get up , again the sonic blast. Just as they are about to get up again , the team leader says , “Get out of there now, you got incoming, and the US governmental units among them,”

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