Tempore, Beginnings: Chapter 6


Days fade into weeks,

“Former France, now called Nightshade , has formally withdrawn its troops from its controlled area of Canada. In exchange for this , the United States has signed a non-aggression pact with Nightshade.” The report spoke softly then added , “A government source tells CNN that Nightshade while weaken was still at a stalemate with US forces and Canadian forces, that continued fighting would only prolong the suffering,” The reporter shuffles her papers, “Israel signed a non-aggression pact with Nightshade, the defensive package including a force shell generator , scouters with scanners, and defensive armor suit known as ‘Solace’. This announcement comes on the heels of Iran continue aggression on the Arab nations.”

Paradise City, the mayor steps onto the roof of the new building that was constructed for the Javan team , in a few short weeks. She had notice that none of the Javan members showed any interest in her plans for the building.

She crosses the roof and sits down beside Agnessa , she begins to speak when the girl puts a finger over her lips, she sits there til the sun vanishes. Then Agnessa , hands a list, she sighs to herself changes to the building design, she bets , she begins , “I..” Agnessa whispers, “A list of things not to take for granted.” The mayor curls her knees to her chest, as Agnessa whispers, “The building is fine, we trust you, Vartan told me about what you wanted.” The mayor watches the night sky, she asks, “You ever going to tell me about what happen to you up there,”

Agnessa nods, “Yes, soon, we have to finish something first,”

The moon , Sinew had manage to teleport the entire ship to the moon ,

“Ok , ok one more then its off to bed,” Ellette begins to sing softly to a hundreds of jelly creatures they sway and bounce to her soft voice. She closes her eyes , as hears their little voices singing along.

Sinew watches them with Ellette, he turns to Vartan , “They are like little kids , and so human like.” Vartan nods, then asks, “Are you gonna be alright up here?” Sinew shrugs, “We have the basics , more of the symbiote creature colonies are arriving… but too many want host bodies, that means sooner or later there is going to be much larger population of ‘Sylphs’.” Vartan watches him, “We could stay and help,” Sinew shakes his head, “With Jenessa, Comet, Crystal, Agate, Mammoth, Scarletforce and Orchid here , we should have enough help for now. Later when we get more will have to recruit people.”

Orchid sits down, her chemical poison under control , she watches Jenessa, then asks , “You aren’t staying are you?” Jenessa , replies, “I’m sure yet, my father is insane, and might try something.” Orchid sighs, “And you got that nice boy to look after to,”

“The body of Quint Ghiest was discovered , late this evening, the cause of death is unknown,” the reporter spoke softly. The president a woman of roughly fifty , though she could pass for thirty without trying , turns off the TV , as she reads the report to herself, “Quint Ghiest has been in every country at least one time. The reasoning remains a mystery but we have creditable evidence Evacska Eztli was used to contaminate food, and water supplies.” She skips down a bit, then finds what she is looking for, “It appears several hospitals in China and Asian land masses have had a rash of security breaches.”

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