It’s a whirlwind of destruction and discovery as a team of gamers race through id’s classic first person shooter.

Most speedruns are about blasting through a game as quickly as possible. This recent run of Quake has the same goal, except that the players behind it set themselves the extra challenge of getting a 100% completion score as well.

This meant that every single monster had to die and every secret room had to be discovered. What’s more, the team played the game on Nightmare difficultly. Ten players contributed to the video, taking it in turns to do the levels. They used hacking tools to make sure that the weapons and ammunition carried over from one level to the next, but used nothing in the actual game itself aside from map knowledge honed over many years, and some rather impressive reflexes.

It’s not as confusing to watch as the recent, world-record breaking Portal speedrun, but it’s got that same quickness and accuracy of motion that makes it such compelling viewing. The total playtime for the run is a blisteringly fast 48 minutes, which is about how long it took my younger self – and probably my current self too – to complete a single Quake level on Nightmare.

Source: Shacknews

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