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Terraria on Stadia Canceled After Google Locks Creator Out of Accounts

Terraria, Google Stadia, Andrew Spinks, Canceled

Terraria, a 2D pixel art crafting game, is canceled for Google Stadia for an unusual reason. One of the game’s creators, Andrew Spinks, announced the cancellation on Twitter after Google locked him out of his Google Play, Google Drive, YouTube, and Gmail accounts. The game creator has been dealing with the lockout issue for more than three weeks despite the fact that he says he has done nothing to violate the company’s terms of service. Spinks feels that Google consciously wants to “burn this bridge” with him, so his studio, Re-Logic, will no longer support Google in the future.

Spinks added in one more tweet: “I will not be involved with a corporation that values their customers and partners so little. Doing business with you is a liability.”

Terraria made its official debut in 2011 and has received numerous updates since, with the most recent and final major addition arriving last year in the form of “Journey’s End.” The game is similar to Minecraft, allowing players to engage in a sandbox world that encourages experimentation with its many systems and mechanics.

A few days ago, fans on Reddit took notice that Terraria had received a Stadia PEGI rating, signaling that a port of the crafting game might be coming in the near future. We now know that a Terraria port was indeed in the works for Stadia, but it’s canceled now.

Today’s news is not the first time Google has found itself in hot water with Stadia fans. Last week, the company announced the closure of its internal studios. Though the future of Stadia is even more unclear now, the platform will remain available for other developers and publishers to take advantage of.

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