Terrifying Robot Scarecrow Will Scare Both Animals and Humans


A Turkish farmer has created and patented a “Scare-Bear” robot scarecrow to fend off bears, and it’s terrifying!

While scarecrows are normally used by farmers to scare off birds and other animals to protect their crops, a farmer in Turkey seems to have kicked this up a notch and then some. Shown in the video above is probably the most terrifying robot scarecrow you’ll see, and it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. A Turkish farmer has invented and patented what it calls the “Scare-Bear” robot to shoo bears away from his crops. Not only does it move, it’s even armed with a swinging chain that delivers 25,000 volts of electricity! Add in those car alarm beeps, and well, I doubt anything or anyone would want to get close to this monstrosity — especially at night.

Fortunately, not all robots are as scary as Scare-Bear. Some examples of these are intelligent drones that learn as they fly, or how about this Velociraptor-inspired bot that can run 46 km/h on two legs? If this scarecrow is the future of robotics, then Google’s co-founders did the right thing in instructing cyborgs in the future to spare them.

Have you seen scarecrows more terrifying as this one? If so, can it also inflict real pain — both physically and mentally — as well?

Source: YouTube

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