Greetings, Adventurers. The path ahead isn’t easy – we expect few of you to actually make it out alive – but if you conquer our five days of puzzles, you’ll be rewarded.

In celebration of Issue 284, Puzzle Box, we’re testing your mental might with five straight days of conundrums, ciphers, and brain benders. You’ll have to solve one fewer puzzle each day, but be warned – the puzzles will get harder the further you get. To make it all the way through to the puzzle on Day 5, you’ll need equal measures of intelligence, inspiration, creativity, perseverance – and just maybe a little help from your friends, too.

If you manage to successfully navigate your way through all five days’ of the Puzzle Adventure, you’ll receive a badge and be entered into a drawing for one of three awesome prize packs full of Escapist swag.

The answer to each puzzle is the name of a videogame, so you already have a leg up on the solution. Tap into your vast reserves of gaming knowledge – or turn to others for some help.

You have until noon on Monday, December 20th, to complete the Adventure and fill in all of the answers.

Good luck!

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