Wall spikes or floor traps? Orcs Must Die!‘s new interactive trailer wants you to decide.

If Lord of the Rings taught us anything, it’s that you need to be properly equipped if you’d like to keep your castle orc-free. You’re going to need crossbows, swords, spikes, oil-pits and some archers, amongst other things. But which to choose? Luckily, developer Robot Entertainment has released this interactive trailer for Orcs Must Die! to help you decide.

The trailer asks you to choose which tactical devices you’d like to use as the protagonist fends off several waves of invading monsters. In doing so, it deftly demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of each option while doing its best to illuminate the tactical aspects involved in defending your castle.

Robot Entertainment says that this trailer has a whole 30 different avenues of exploration, but in the interests of not spending the entire afternoon in a whirling YouTube pit I only managed to investigate three. All of them were positive and I did notice a few distinct differences in each of the run-throughs. Although the narrator keeps quiet for most of the videos, the character does seem to be having fun.

Orcs Must Die! will be released for XBLA and Steam this October.

Source: RockPaperShotgun

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