Texas Boy Spends PS4 Money To Help Neighbors After Tragedy


Young Texas gamer has impressive priorities

The ever-rising cost of videogame consoles isn’t exactly news, so it’s not surprising that Hector Montoya, an 8 year-old boy from Grand Prarie, Texas, had been saving up his money for months to buy a Playstation 4. But a local tragedy made him reconsider how best to spend the $300 he’d managed to amass.

The story that caught his attention? The death of a mother and her 6 year-old in a tragic fire. “Hector is passionate about things,” explained Monty Montoya, the boy’s mother, “and when he gets it in his mind to do something, then he’s going to do it.”

The result? He partnered with the local fire department to use his money for the purchase and installment of new smoke detectors in the homes of (mostly) elderly local residents. “Saving a life is more important,” explained Hector.

Source: CBS

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