An Italian teenager was rushed to hospital with what was believed to be a debilitating brain injury , but it turned out he was just suffering from PlayStation overload.

The story begins when 13-year-old Lorenzo Amato was rushed to the Lecce hospital in southern Italy by his “desperate” father. According to an Ananova report, the boy “couldn’t speak and didn’t seem to understand anything going on around him.” And while those symptoms could be used to describe just about every teenager on the planet, doctors at the hospital nonetheless initially believed Amato had suffered a stroke or was experiencing some kind of severe brain disorder.

But then, in a truly House-worthy moment, they discovered that immediately prior to being brought to the hospital, the teenager had finished a “marathon” session on his new PlayStation. According to local politician Antonio Buccoliero, who spoke with the doctors, “They eventually managed to take care of him once they understood that this was a strange kind of mental detachment connected to his PlayStation.”

In fact, it turns out that young Lorenzo had gone so hardcore that it turned into a form of aversion therapy; after he recovered, he told his dad to get rid of the thing. “If I even think about it, I want to throw up,” he said.

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