The 4th Annual The Escapist Film Festival is over and we have completed going through all of this year’s amazing entries. There were so many great entries, we are giving away 3 Grand Prizes instead of just one!

The Escapist Film Festival gives producers and directors from around the world a chance to bring their visions to life. This year we received so many great entries that we decided the top three submissions all deserved contracts! Congratulations to Jimtopia for Creature Caster Masters, Lord_Goose_Man for Tales From The Table and Uberfriendship for Show About Games Show. Each show will have its own series in the near future, right here on The Escapist.

For a week we also had you, The Escapist community, vote on who you thought was the best for the Viewer’s Choice award. This brings the three winners the coveted bragging rights on the internet, as well as a spotlight on their video on The Escapist forevermore. Congratulations to the overall Viewer’s Choice winner Pro-gamer Gauntlet: Demo, submitted by Paul Hearding. The 2nd place winner is Breaking Blizzard, submitted by WoodyT and the 3rd place winner is Game Science which was submitted by maskedklaus. Congratulations once again for be chosen as the community favorites!

For the complete gallery of winners, honorary mentions and submissions click here to head over to our main Film Festival page. Congratulations again to all of the winners and contestants.

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