The Adam Project Final Trailer Has Sci-Fi Action & Classic Family Drama Ryan Reynolds Mark Ruffalo
The Adam Project - (L to R) Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam and Walker Scobell as Young Adam. Cr. Netflix © 2022

The Adam Project is almost here on Netflix, and that means we get one more, official trailer to watch Ryan Reynolds talk with the kid version of himself while they try to save the world with their dad, Mark Ruffalo. The new trailer definitely leans into the action this time, though the plethora of positive quotes in it try to let us all know that this is more Steven Spielberg than Michael Bay. An action movie with a heart of gold.

Netflix is also playing off the success of the creative team’s previous movie, Free Guy. As the official trailer demonstrates, The Adam Project finds Reynolds traveling back in time to team up with his younger self, which probably isn’t the best idea. They have to, in turn, join with Reynolds’ deceased father to stop the invention of time travel altogether. Meanwhile, Zoe Saldaña comes back in time as well, and there’s a bunch of ass-kicking going on with weirdly disappearing bad guys that fade away so the movie can be more kid-friendly.

As you can tell from the new The Adam Project poster, they’re going for the kind of big action-adventure film from the early Spielberg era where the film is crammed with heart. It’s a tough balance to strike, especially with the amount of fights and car chases that seem to be going on in the movie. Lean too hard into the action and you’ll lose the heart. Director Shawn Levy has built a career on this kind of movie and is usually pretty good at it though, so hopefully it turns out strong again.

The Adam Project releases on Netflix on March 11.

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