The Angry Table-Flipping Game Comes to Japan


Finding inspiration in the fuel of rage, Taito has unleashed a new arcade game in Japan in which players pound on a table and then angrily flip it over.

As a small-town Canadian boy, a lot of the more sophisticated cultural phenomena from other parts of the world that I run into during my hours online sails completely over my head. I just don’t get it. Sometimes that bothers me, but other times I can’t help but think that I’m probably better off this way. This is definitely one of those times.

Taito has released a new arcade stand-up based on the ancient Japanese art of “chabudai gaeshi,” or “flipping the low table.” In all honesty I have no idea if it’s actually ancient or an art but according to Japanator it is a fairly common sight in the country, happening “somewhat frequently in Japanese television, anime and manga.” And now, in arcades.

As the video shows, the game seems simple enough: Pound the table with increasing frustration until you finally can’t take it anymore, then flip it over in a final denouement of anger. Simmering in furious silence over the frustrations of your low station in life and the complete lack of respect and regard you’re shown by your wife and children while you do so is, one must assume, optional.

Unfortunately, the small, brightly-colored plastic table with the stickers all over it takes a certain edge off the whole thing; I know there are limits to what can be done in an arcade but it’s just not the same as upending a stout slab of oak right before you grab the battleaxe off the wall. Still, it’s good to see that rape isn’t the only ugly part of life that Japan can turn into a videogame. Nice work, folks.

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