The Asteroids Movie: A “Big Thing in Space”


Movie producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says that while gamers may be puzzled by the prospect, he believes the Asteroids film will succeed because it’s a “big thing in space.”

The Asteroids movie came to light earlier this month when it was revealed that Universal Pictures had won a four-way bidding war for the right to develop the property. People familiar with the game were understandably dubious about the prospects of bringing it to the big screen but di Bonaventura, whose credits include Doom, the Transformers films and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, said there’s more to work with than people realize.

“It’s funny because people say there’s nothing in the game, but that’s not entirely right. I was attracted to Asteroids, plain and simple, because I think what it tells you is that there’s going to be this big thing in space,” he said. “We’ve crafted a really strong, deep mythology for the thing. Without divulging too much about it, it’s two lead characters – two brothers – who have to go through a seminal experience to figure out their relationship, against this huge backdrop.”

The relationship struggles of estranged siblings doesn’t sound very much like the Asteroids game I knew and loved, but di Bonaventura promised that old-time arcade animals would be taken care of too. “You’d better have some guys in spaceships blowing stuff up or else you haven’t honored the fun of Asteroids,” he added.

Speaking candidly, I have to say that “this big thing in space” isn’t exactly the most compelling synopsis for a film I’ve ever run across. On the other hand, you better believe I’m looking forward to it; Asteroids could be the most awesome thing to happen to the genre since Saffron Burrows and Freddie Prinze Jr. awkwardly consummated their passion in Wing Commander.

Source: IGN

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