The Banner Saga Gets “Rough Guide to Travel” Video


Stoic Studios has released a new video detailing the morale, supply and population mechanics of The Banner Saga.

About two weeks ago Stoic Studios revealed that its turn-based, Kickstarter-sweeping strategy RPG The Banner Saga would be releasing to Mac and PCs on January 14th, 2014. The announcement was accompanied by a fairly spiffy trailer that showcased both the game’s story and bits and pieces of its gameplay. Now, Stoic has put out another new video focusing in on the game’s population management.

Dubbed a “Rough Guide to Travel,” the new video serves largely as a brief tutorial in the game’s morale, supply and population management, all of which can have an significant effect on how the player’s experience unfolds. In the game, you’ll need to travel between locations on a world map. Travel, in turn, has an on affect the status of your people. For instance, if your morale falls you could stand to lose bonuses that are important in battle. “If you have low morale, the likelihood of surviving a conflict is greatly reduced,” said Stoic.

Supplies, likewise, are essential both for the survival of your people and the maintenance of their morale. “Once supplies have run out your population will start to die and morale will plummet,” the video explained. Buying new supplies will cost Renown, the game’s primary currency which is used for all sorts of other transactions and even story decisions. The size of your population, in turn, will affect how quickly your supplies are drained as you travel. That said, if your population is too small, combat can become more difficult. In other words, it’s looking like players can expect The Banner Saga to involve a bit of a balancing act, which sounds just fine to us. For more information regarding The Banner Saga and Stoic Studios, head over to the studio’s official website.

Source: The Banner Saga

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