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The Batman Official Logo and Artwork Revealed Ahead of DC FanDome

The Batman First Look Poster

DC’s virtual convention, DC FanDome, is right around the corner and they’re gearing up to drop a ton of big news over the now two-non-consecutive-day event. Probably the most hotly anticipated is Matt Reeve’s The Batman discussion panel, which will be hosted by Aisha Tyler (the voice of Lana from Archer and also a professed Batman fan).

Reeve is hyping the panel up today by sharing a first look at the official logo for the movie and a new poster designed for FanDome.

The logo and poster, doused in red and looking decidedly beat up, is in line with other official looks we’ve had recently of the film, like Robert Pattinson’s face and chest. In fact, some of the only non-red tinted official images we’ve seen are the first look at the Batmobile. Whether or not this red tone carries over into the film is something we’ll have to wait and see but Reeves and Warner Bros are clearly committed to it right now.

It definitely gives the branding a darker, hardened edge that feels in line for a film about the “shadow self.” Though the poster itself is drawn and not an image it gives us our best look yet at what Robert Pattinson’s costume will look like in detail. Of note are the heavy shoulder pads and gauntlet-like gloves that give his costume a far more armor-like look than previous Batman designs.

Production on The Batman halted due to COVID-19 but is set to begin again this September as the UK opens back up for business. The delay in production has meant a delay in release for the film from June 25, 2021, to October 1 of the same year. It may also mean that the DC FanDome panel does not feature a first look at the movie, depending on how much content was shot previous to the COVID-19 shutdown and whether Reeves is ready to share anything at all.

The official description for the virtual panel says there will be a “surprise (or two)” but that could simply mean Pattinson is showing up as well or there’s a bit more casting to announce.

DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes, with a focus on movies and games, will take place on Aug. 22. The newly announced second event, DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse, which focuses more on DC TV shows and comics will take place, September 12.

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