For the discerning Beatles fan and plastic guitar collector comes the Limited Edition bundle for this fall’s The Beatles: Rock Band, including a replica of Paul’s bass, special edition drums and more for $250.

Fab Four fanatics will get their best shot yet at living out the lives of John, Paul, George and Ringo this September with Harmonix and EA’s The Beatles: Rock Band, but if you really want to take your Beatle emulation to the next level, you might want to pony up an arm and a leg for the Limited Edition bundle of the game. It includes the following: the game (duh), a guitar modeled exactly on Paul McCartney’s Höfner Bass, Ludwig-brand drums with a pearl finish and a Beatles drum head, a mic and microphone stand, and “additional special content.”

That’s a lot of stuff, and it’ll cost a lot of bucks: $250 in the US, and 199 euros and 175 pounds in the EU and UK respectively.

Aside from the instruments and enigmatic “additional special content,” the most intriguing thing here’s the mic stand. Not because it’s cool to have a mic stand (it is), but because it seems to suggest that playing and singing will be the thing to do in The Beatles: Rock Band. You know nobody in The Beatles just sang, they all played instruments, too.

And sometimes they sang together, at the same time, in harmony. Game Informer has it that The Beatles: Rock Band will indeed feature multi-microphone support for the very purpose of allowing singers to harmonize. A NeoGAF post citing someone who claims to have played the game added that when he tried it there were three mics involved and even a training mode for getting vocals in harmony.

Rumors being rumors, take that with a grain of salt, but that would be a nice addition to the gameplay that would really make the game more than just Rock Band 2 with Beatles songs.

The Beatles: Rock Band will launch on September 9, 2009 along with digitally remastered editions of The Beatles’ catalog and Sega’s Dreamcast 2.

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