The Beginning…


The Beginning:

To start off, we have to decide what sort of villain we want. I’ve always been a huge fan of the pulp heroes (1930s and 1940s), especially the Shadow. In his stories, the Shadow normally uses a various selection of agents to work for him. Then, when the time comes, the Shadow would swoop in with his twin .45s ablazing dealing instant justice to the bad guys. Man, those were the days when all a hero needed was a fedora and two .45 pistols! 🙂 In going with my like for the Shadow, I’ve decided to create a Mastermind. Having a group of lackeys at my beck and call sounds pretty sweet. After picking Mastermind, I decide to use thugs (as opposed to mercs, soldiers, ninjas, zombies, or robots) as that it more fits the theme of my guy. Plus, I found out that Masterminds can get the Dual Wield power – twin .45 pistols, baby! 🙂 I also picked up the Dark Miasma power that allows me to heal my thugs.

After choosing my powers, it’s time to create my costume. City of Villains (and City of Heroes) has the absolute best character costume generator I’ve seen. You can literally spend hours and hours trying out different looks and variations. However, I’ve decided on a simple look to pay homage to the Shadow (even though I’m a bad guy). My villain is going to be just wearing a simple suit with a fedora and a bandit-style mask. I was pleased to see that you can wear a trench coat, which really cements the look that I was going for. I wish that the trench coat looked better (it looks better from the back, which is how I’ll usually be viewing him anyway) but it beats not having a trench coat.

Now to the hardest part of creating your villain – choosing a name. Why does it always seem that somebody else has chosen the name that you wanted and also every possible stinking variation on that name? I had wanted to use either Twilight or Dusk in my name, but it seemed that every variation had already been taken; Mr. Twilight, Mr. Dusk, Mister Twilight, Dark Twilight, etc. After spending about 40 minutes trying out names, I tried Twilight Dusk and it worked! Yay! Now it’s off to the Rogue Isles for some villainy!

Twilight Dusk: The gravel crunched underfoot as I, Twilight Dusk, as I walked onto Mercy Island. Here would be the beginning of my criminal career which would take me to heights of unimaginable power! Accompanying me was my trusted henchman, Trask, who faithfully carries out my every order. Shortly after arriving, I met a mercenary, Matthew Burke, who agreed to provide me with various jobs for which I would be handsomely rewarded. I agreed to work with Burke as that he was independent from Arachnos, the outfit that held the Rogue Isles in their steely grip. I had no desire to work for them, becoming only a minor cog in their system while others would take credit for my deeds. No! I would work alone, slowly increasing my power base until the day that I would become the arbiter of life and death for the Rogue Isles!

My first job was to place some tracking devices on some Arachnos flyers, which I was glad to do. Putting a crimp in those pompous losers’ plans is right up my alley. I had no problems with the job. Some of those Arachnos goons tried to stop me and Trask, but a few .45 slugs in their belly shut them up good! Funny. You’d think that shiny metallic-fiberglass armor they wear would protect them better! Wolf Spider Enforcers, my ass! More like Puppy Enforcers! Ha! After that, Burke hired me to investigate the Snakes, a sick, twisted race of Snakemen. I had to go into their filthy tunnels a few times to find out about their stupid god, Selthis or something like that. It’s hard to tell what they’re saying as that it’s all ssssssssssss. The final part of the Snake runs was to destroy one of their hatcheries and all the eggs contained within. After Trask and I wiped all the Snake filth out, we really had a ball just sitting back and filling those giant eggs with bullet after bullet! Man, what’s better than filling hideous Snake mutants with bullets and watching them flail around on the ground going, “It hurtssssssssss. We issssss dying……..” I love killing Snakes so much that I’d almost do it for free! The only bad thing is that you have to go down into their filthy holes to get a bunch of them.

Jeffprime: After getting a few missions under my belt, I shot up a few levels and got a new power. I decided to get Hover as that I eventually want to fly. I played City of Heroes a long time ago and I remember having to run all over the place so I want to get a faster transport power as soon as I can. Besides, hovering in the air with my twin .45s smoking looks darn cool! As for the missions, they had a good mix of different objectives. I’m not a big fan of the Snakes as that I dislike missions in the tunnels (something about the tunnels just doesn’t do it for me), but I had a ball sitting back and whacking everything in sight with my twin .45s. Did I mention that I love twin .45s? 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad that the Snake missions are done and I’m looking forward to some different opponents.

Well, that’ll do it for this first part of Villain 101. Please check in to future installments and see how Twilight Dusk fares in the Rogue Isles!

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