The Best Black Friday Deals May be at Home


With retail chains offering mostly unremarkable sales for videogame shoppers, Microsoft and Sony cut prices on their online titles.

The day after Thanksgiving: Black Friday. For some, a glorious celebration of American consumerism at her most gluttonous. For others, a day in which they don their blue vests and name tags, kiss their family goodbye and pray that eventually, they can come home, lick their wounds and enjoy leftover turkey sandwiches. Madness reigns supreme on Black Friday, pitting soccer moms against hockey moms as they do away with maternal instincts, throwing their spawn like lawn darts across a sea of rabid, sweat pant clad oblongs, all in the name of a 40″ Plasma TV at fifty percent off.

Fortunately for you, to get the best of deals this Black Friday you may not even have to leave the house. That is, of course, if all you’re looking for are videogame sales.

The floundering retail industry is preparing to go bigger than ever for Black Friday this year, but the red hot video game market doesn’t seem to be on its list of slashed prices. Scanning the internet for information on the best of Black Friday doesn’t turn up much, so unless you’re interested in picking up a brand new console, you may not want to risk your life out there in hopes of great gaming deals.

Microsoft and Sony, on the other hand, may have the right idea. Both of the industry giants have slashed prices on their online content. Starting with Sony, PlayStation 3 owners can pick up three of Sony’s acclaimed original titles, The Last Guy, Pixeljunk Eden and echochrome for $4.99 until December 4. Also on their list of discounts are arcade shooters Novastrike and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3, both of which are also $4.99 as well.

Xbox 360 users will find a large variety of discounts starting this Friday and lasting until Sunday evening. In the Xbox Live Arcade, Rez HD, Catan, Golf: Tee It Up amongst others will drop from 800 Microsoft Points to 500, with Assault Heroes going from 400 Points to 250. There will also be premium themes for your new dashboard on sale, along with Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” full album for Guitar Hero III being brought down from 1440 Points to 1000. The downside, however, is that these sales are only available in the US and gold members only. If you fall into this group, feel free to use the Microsoft Points converter for exact pricing.

For everything else Black Friday, we wish you good luck. Don’t forget to check the ad sites and plan accordingly.

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