The Big Lebowski Re-Imagined as an 8-Bit Video Game


This amazing video shows us the amazing 8-bit The Big Lebowski video game we desperately need to exist.

The folks over a Cinefix hare put together this amazing re-telling of The Big Lebowski in the form of an 8-bit (and sometimes 16-bit) video game. Unfortunately, it’s just a video, although we desperately wish we could actually play it.

The video follows most of The Dude’s journey, from writing a sixty cent check for milk, to getting his rug peed on, to challenging Jesus to a bowling match, all the while making sure to pick up as many White Russians along the way as he can.

It’s a neat little tribute to one of the greatest movies ever made, and that’s really pretty much all I have to say about it! Enjoy.

Source: Cinefix via Boing Boing

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