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The Blackout Club Review – Multiplayer Horror Where You Play as Kids


The Blackout Club is an online, multiplayer-focused horror game developed by Question. You play as a member of the Blackout Club, a group of kids trying to rescue a kidnapped friend and stop a strange entity that takes over the minds of local adults when they sleep.

Each mission takes place during a single night. You and up to three partners have random objectives to complete in a set order, such as finding specific items, disarming traps, or investigating a break-in. You can earn extra points from bonus objectives so long as you complete the mission. Those missions have you sneaking around a suburban street lined with houses and a connected, maze-like subterranean area. The map is the same every time, though a few new areas open up as you progress.

Ultimately, The Blackout Club is fun, though enjoyment lives or dies based upon whom you play with.

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