The REDACTED is especially thrilling.

Agent Carter and his Bureau team are hard at work, protecting the nation against nebulous threats, as the latest video reveal – or more accurately, non-reveal – shows. The Department of Defense is worried that too much information may alarm the public, so don’t expect any alien autopsies, but if you were hoping for some glimpses of gameplay, squint hard at the spaces between the black bars and secrets may yet be discovered.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is the XCOM FPS that vanished off the radar a while back, only to reappear as a tactical squad based combat game. You guide your trusty agents through the hot zone, trying not to get too many of them killed as, once gone, they’re gone for good. Combat earns them experience which can buy abilities, like telekinesis, or tools like flash bangs. Alien tech can be researched to aid your effort though, at the moment at least, not much is known about how that will work.

This Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC title launches August 2013.

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