14 years after Eli Roth scared the flesh off of our bones, he’s doing it again. Literally.

When Eli Roth unleashed Cabin Fever upon the world back in 2002, a group of horny teenagers retreating to a remote cabin and being slowly consumed by a flesh-eating virus was still a relatively novel concept (relatively). It also made a decent chunk of change on its shoestring budget and spawned a pair of straight-to-DVD sequels, therefore meeting the minimum criteria to receive the ever-popular remake treatment.

Thusly, we have the trailer for the 2016 version of Cabin Fever, which made its way online yesterday. Replacing the original cast with a group of GAP models and adding literally nothing else, the trailer might represent the absolute nadir of Hollywood originality.

In fact, if you find yourself recognizing entire lines of dialogue from the original Cabin Fever in this trailer, it’s only because the remake was shot using the exact same script from Roth’s 2002 original. Essentially, the remake is this generation’s Gus Van Zant’s Psycho, and even worse, its being brought to us by none other than Roth himself, who is listed as the film’s executive producer.

Is this some kind of vanity project by Roth? An artistic statement on the lack of creativity in Hollywood, maybe? Or is it just another blatant cash grab by a once-promising director who hasn’t had a bonafide hit in nearly a decade? Why have we grown so comfortable remaking movies that have barely had the time to register in the cultural zeitgeist? WHERE IS PANCAKES?!! I want answers about this trivial movie remake, and I want them now, dammit!

You know what, f*ck it. Let’s all just watch the trailer for the original Cabin Fever below. It’s basically the same thing as the trailer above, except slightly more subtle. Talk about a fresh idea!

Source: ScreenJunkies

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