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The Cleaner is a blood-pumping indie first-person shooter (FPS) game inspired by Hotline MiamiSuperhot, and John Wick, and it’ll be out “soon.” This hyper-violent, minimalistic action title asks players to leave their fear of death at the door as they mow down what seems to be an endless number of cronies. Solo developer Dystopia Corp says gameplay-focused players won’t have to worry about a “cliché storyline” or cinematics interrupting the experience, and there isn’t a HUD or any of those pesky loading screens either.

Quick gun combat is clearly the primary draw, but the slow-motion effects are the most intense feature. Every shotgun blast sends furniture — and enemies — into a tornado of chaos and blood. Though it’s unclear how exactly slow-motion mechanics work together with the moment-to-moment gameplay, it looks like The Cleaner gives players plenty of opportunities to experiment. As far as ammunition goes, it seems players will have the freedom to channel Superhot by grabbing enemy weapons as they’re suspended in midair. One bullet is enough to kill you, though, so expect to replay sections as you perfect your routine.

Dystopia Corp says its sugary indie FPS is “99 percent” completed, and it will arrive on PC in early 2022. It’s simple, clean, and undoubtedly brutal. You can see two game trailers that highlight the style of The Cleaner below.


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