Put away your wallets, folks, the new update for Cook, Serve, Delicious! is on the house.

Nearly a year after launch, indie restaurant/cooking sim Cook, Serve, Delicious! is getting loads of new content in Sunday’s update, for free. The game is available on both Steam and iOS devices, but the update will currently only apply to the Steam version.

Wait, I hear you asking. What exactly is Cook, Serve, Delicious!? It’s a game that began as a fan remake of Ore No Ryouri (or My Cooking for English speaking audiences), a quirky PlayStation game that had players pour beer, cook food, and catch robbers.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! stayed faithful to its Ore No Ryouri roots at release, delivering a similar restaurant running experience. Players cook a burger or pour beer between flushing toilets and taking out the trash.

Now, Cook, Serve, Delicious! is spreading its wings and innovating on that experience, serving up brand new modes like local and online multiplayer, and new challenges for veteran chefs.

The new Battle Kitchen mode is similar to the existing Iron Chef challenges, which test both your cooking skills and your ability to cook quickly. According to the developer, the Battle Kitchen “has been fine tuned to deliver the fastest gameplay experience possible.”

Weekly challenges will allow you to compete against your Steam friends to set the fastest clear time on various cooking challenges. In case you want to go directly head-to-head against your online friends, there’s new a tournament mode to satisfy your competitive urges. There are also many options for local multiplayer, including both co-op and competitive.

And of course, with the addition of multiplayer comes the addition of chef avatars. You can pick from any of 26 chefs, or you can select…Shovel Knight?! The game developers teamed up with various other indie game companies to bring cameos of indie stars to the kitchen, drawn in the distinctive Cook, Serve, Delicious! style. This means you can also play as one of 24 characters from franchises like Steam World Dig, Shovel Knight, Risk of Rain and Hotline Miami. These characters are unlocked randomly in Battle Kitchen challenges and by participating in Weekly challenges.

You can see the whole roster of celebrity chefs below.

The update also adds fan requested features to improve the original game’s experience, like detailed statistics, an improved UI, and plug and play controller support.

All of this, and more will be available for free on Sunday, November 9th – more specifics of the update are available on Vertigo Gaming’s blog. I’m definitely looking forward to “playing restaurant” with my friends in local co-op!

Source: Vertigo Gaming Blog

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