The Creation of Game of Thrones with Visual Effects


VFX studio Mackevision showcases how they help create the world of Game of Thrones, particularly season 4.

There are a variety of elements in place that make HBO’s Game of Thrones television series so magnificent: the actors, the scriptwriting, the locations, the wardrobe, etc.

Of course there’s also the magical element of dragons and white walkers that come to life thanks to the visual effects, but visual effects play a larger role that’s often not noticeable.

VFX studio Mackevision is one of the many studios working on the show to make Westeros and the other continents of the fictional Game of Thrones world believable and breathtaking.

No wonder the average Game of Thrones episode can cost up to $6 million to create.

Other visual effect studios have also created reels that demonstrate their contribution to the hit show, like studio SpinVFX for season three.

Source: IGN

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