One more reason the Entertainment Consumers Association is amazing: The group has a web page set up that makes it easy for you to fight back against SOPA.

We’ve been writing a bit about the Stop Online Piracy Act quite a bit recently, mainly about how it’s a terrible piece of legislation and that there’s some inexplicable support for it. It’s been particularly disheartening to see that the Entertainment Software Association is backing the bill. However, you can take heart in knowing that at least one videogame group is working to fight the bill: The Entertainment Consumers Association.

The ECA has labeled SOPA as “some of the worst legislation we’ve ever seen.” As a result, this consumer advocacy group has put together an entire page that breaks down everything that’s wrong about the bill, cites other examples of how the government seems unwilling to learn from its prior disastrous attempts to censor the Web, and then helps you get in touch with your government representatives about how messed up the law is.

That last bit is the most important part of the page. US citizens can enter their ZIP codes into a field, which will then provide the contact information for senators and House Representatives in their areas.

If you’re reading this, you’re obviously concerned about the law and its potential ramifications. Head on over to the ECA’s page and get involved. This is one time we can’t afford to sit on the sidelines.

Source: The ECA via Destructoid

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