The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Weekend Kicks Off Today


Zenimax Online kicks off an extended free weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online today, but only on PC, Mac, and PS4.

If you’ve wanted to try out The Elder Scrolls Online, but didn’t want to pony up the $30 price of entry, this is your lucky day. Well, it’s your lucky weekend, to be precise.

Today, Zenimax Online is kicking off an “extended” free weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online. For PS4 players, the festivities have already begun. PC and Mac players can join in on Steam starting at 1 PM ET. There’s no free weekend for Xbox One players just yet, but the company did say that it was “in the works.” The holdup is likely the Xbox Live Gold requirement, which is at odds with the PS4 version that does not require PlayStation Plus.

Along with the free weekend, Zenimax Online is also discounting all versions of the game, as well as all Crown packs (TESO‘s premium currency). The discounts will be available until Monday, November 28, except for the EU PlayStation store, which wraps up discounts on Thursday, November 24.

Here’s what’s included in the free weekend:

  • Access to the full The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited base game
  • 500 Crowns to spend in the Crown Store on fun costumes, unique pets, helpful scrolls, and more
  • Any characters created, Crown Packs purchased, or Crown Store items bought, as well as any progress made during the free play weekend, will carry over if the player purchases the game

Playing in the free weekend also qualifies you to enter Zenimax Online’s “Trip of a Lifetime” giveaway, which gives any who plays the game a chance to win a dream vacation to one of five locales around the world. You can find more info on the official contest page.

The PS4 free weekend will end November 20 at 11:59 PM local time in Europe and 11:59 PM ET in North America. The PC free weekend ends Monday, November 21 at 1:00PM ET.

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