The Elder Scrolls Online Reveals “Craglorn” Adventure Zone


Craglorn, the first Elder Scrolls Online adventure zone, will be opened to all players later this month.

Only a few days after The Elder Scrolls Online went live, ZeniMax Online Media has taken the wraps off the game’s first new “Adventure Zone,” a strange realm known as Craglorn. The update is designed specifically for groups of four or 12 players, with content starting at Veteran Rank ten, which I assume means that newbies probably shouldn’t jump in straight away. It also introduces Trials, a “large-group veteran PvE system,” as Creative Director Paul Sage explains in this new video.

It sounds like the Craglorn content may relate somehow to the birthsigns that confer perks to Elder Scrolls characters. The new content begins with a mystery about missing constellations and beings known as “Celestials”: the Warrior, the Mage, the Serpent and the Thief, four of the 13 birthsigns from previous games. The secret will be revealed through a series of four-player quests that will take parties to various locales in Craglorn, and there will be conventional quests as well that players will be able to discover through “natural exploration.”

Craglorn is set to go live later this month. To find out more (although there really isn’t much more to find at this point), hit up

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