The Elder Scrolls Online Video Shows Character Creation

The Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation video

Want to know how to create a character in The Elder Scrolls Online? We have a video that shows you what is involved in making the your champion in Tamriel your own.

The Escapist team has dived into the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online and has come back with impressions, a look at what Skyrim players should know, a close look at various aspects of the game, and how PvP is handled.

Now, you can get a look at how to create a character to begin your adventures.

The video delves into the various factions and looks for male and female. It also shows how those characters look in the novice and veteran gear (or no gear if you are into that sort of thing) for light, medium and heavy armor.

After watching the video, which one is your favorite? I’m a bit partial to the Khajitt, but the female plate armor is all wrong.

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