From the Game Boy to the Xbox 360, this is two decades of videogame history squeezed into an epic four-minute rap video.

Let’s be honest: It’s no secret that Mondays suck, when we all have to get back to the daily grind after the relaxation of the weekend. But if every Monday was filled with rap videos like this, they’d be a lot more bearable.

The above song, “Generation Gaming,” is the work of British geek-rap maestro Dan Bull, and tells the story of his life as a gamer. The song and video covers pretty much every generation of gaming from 1990 on: Game Boy, PC gaming, PS1/PS2, and finally the current generation represented by the Xbox 360.

It’s an excellent tribute to a medium that Bull clearly loves, and it’s a story that should feel familiar to quite a few of you. More than that, it’s actually just a really good song: The lyrics are clever and the beat and flow are superb.

What better way to start your week?

(Thanks, Dan, for sending this in!)

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