The Escapist is proud to present awards to our four March Mayhem: Developers’ Tournament division champions, as well as a special award to Turbine, the tournament winner this year!

Overall Winner, Southern Division Winner: Turbine

Turbine leveraged its huge community to get out the vote, and wrapped up the final game by a huge margin.

Developers defeated: Harmonix, Bethesda, BioWare, Capcom, Gas Powered Games, ArenaNet.

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Midwest Division Winner: Harmonix

Harmonix made it to the finals, thanks to its mega-hits Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Developers defeated: Epic, LucasArts, Ensemble, LindenLab.


West Division Winner: Bethesda

The developers of The Elder Scrolls series and the upcoming Fallout 3 took out the West but ultimately ran into Turbine in the semi-finals.

Developers defeated: Firaxis, Crytek, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Mercury Steam.


East Division Winner: Valve

Valve ran through the East and barely lost in a squeaker against Harmonix in the semis.

Developers defeated: DoubleFine, Rare, Namco Bandai, Human Head.


Be sure to come back next year for all new seeds and another edition of March Madness: Developers’ Tournament!

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