The Escapist Invades Wired for Street Fighter IV


In which I attempt to teach Wired’s Chris Kohler the subtle art of punching his co-worker in the face.

In case you haven’t heard, Street Fighter IV is sort-of a big thing.

So when Wired editor and good friend Chris Kohler asked me to come over and show him a thing or two regarding Capcom’s latest, how could I refuse? With nearly a decade of tournament experience and a good four months of Street Fighter IV play time on the general public, he couldn’t have picked a better Mr. Miyagi to his Daniel LaRusso.

His opponent, Wired’s Chris Baker, wouldn’t be caught at a disadvantage, however. Not only was he armed with the current Cadillac of controllers, Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightStick, but his teacher was none other than Capcom’s master of left-handed pain, Seth Killian.

The two of us, Seth and I, have tangled many a time, and I had a feeling that he’d attempt to properly train Baker. Knowing the crunch for time we were under, I opted for the opposite route: teach Kohler the cheap stuff right away. I taught him one thing: Sagat’s forward roundhouse attack into Ultra combo. Did my power hungry, top-tier whoring tactics work in the face of Seth’s patient tutelage? Will I manage to sell enough Shamwow’s to get a real job on the television? You’ll just have to watch to find out.

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