The Escapist is Giving Away a Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle


Sunset Overdrive Giveaway 3x3

Enter The Escapist’s Sunset Overdrive bundle giveaway by October 28th for a chance to win the game and a free Xbox One.

Are you excited for Sunset Overdrive? Of course your are! After all, how could you not be looking forward to a game that combines third-person action, rail grinding colors and an energy drink mutant apocalypse into one, brightly colored package? That being said, how would you like to play the game for free? And, while you’re at it, how would you like a complimentary Xbox One to go along with it? Both could be yours thanks to The Escapist.

You see, Microsoft has been kind enough to give us an Xbox One Special Edition Overdrive Bundle and we, in turn, would like to give it to one of you. To get a shot at it, all you need to do is head over to the contest entry page and engage in a series of social media acts to enter you name into a digital drawing. Each act puts your name into the drawing multiple times with an upper limit of 47. Sharing the contest page on Twitter, for instance, will enter your name in five times while following The Escapist will enter you in another three times.

Participants have until 4:45PM (EST) on October 28th to enter the contest. Once that time passes, a random drawing will occur and a single grand prize winner will be selected and notified by email, telephone or snail mail. The bundle can only be shipped to addresses within the borders of the United States. The bundle itself will contain a white Xbox One with a controller, a download edition of Sunset Overdrive along with its day one DLC and an Xbox One headset. Participants interested in seeing the full rules list can find it here.

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