Time placed The Escapist in its pantheon of the best websites of 2011.

The weekly news periodical Time has been around since the Roaring 20s and its pages have covered World War II, the lunar landing and Monica Lewinsky with equal importance. Even though everyone says print is dead, that makes the institutions of journalism that still exist respected all the more. While the online component of Time is likely a different entity than the print magazine, being noticed by its editors is still an honor. That’s why I’m able to announce with great pleasure that The Escapist is pleased to be included in Time‘s list of the 50 Best Websites of 2011.

“You can read the Escapist two ways. It’s an excellent site about video games and related geek-culture topics such as movies and comics, with all the elements you’d expect: news, reviews, blogs, video and more,” reads the description on Time‘s website. “The Escapist isn’t as highbrow or dignified as Kill Screen, but like that fine site, it’s written for smart, thoughtful people who happen to love to play games.”

Time‘s list doesn’t appear to rank its top 50 in any way – there is no “best website” and the sites are organized by topic. Other gaming websites honored include places to play games such as Onlive, Retrocade and Touch Arcade. The only other gaming-centric website listed that actually writes about games is Jeff Gerstmann’s Giant Bomb.

The staff at The Escapist is incredibly excited about being included on Time‘s list. Now, if only we had some champagne to pop open to toast the success of the last year that includes a Webby Award for Best Gaming Website and two People’s Choice Award for Best Lifestyle Website and Best Gaming Website. For the latter – and for the former, really – we have the incredibly vibrant support of you, our fans, to thank. We can’t do this without you.

I suppose this warm leftover root beer will have to do. Here’s to The Escapist!

Source: Time

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