The Escapist Takes GameX by Storm


If you’re in the Philadelphia area this weekend, stop by the GameX Expo to meet members of The Escapist family, Yahtzee, and Graham and Paul, and catch a never-before-seen preview of Game Dogs, our newest animated series!

The Escapist will be rolling into Philadelphia at full force this weekend for GameX, where there’ll be awesome web-video talent gathered under one roof on a scale never seen before. To get the scoop on the best web video around directly from the source, there will be not one, not two, but four sessions of The Escapist Video Theater.

The Escapist is thrilled to be at GameX to meet and mingle with our fans in Philadelphia and the US Northeast,” says Russ Pitts, Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist. “GameX is a premiere gaming event for the East Coast, and we are happy to be a part of it and make it our official first US appearance of both Yahtzee and the stars of Unskippable. It also seemed like the perfect place to premiere our newest animated series, Game Dogs, which has been in the works for months now. We’re quite proud of it and hope the fans like it as much as we do.”

Full descriptions of the sessions are below:

Zero Punctuation Goes Wild – The preeminent game reviewer on the whole ‘net, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw takes the stage to host a full 30 minutes of Zero Punctuation footage that is, quote-unquote, “too hot for the internet.” That must be pretty hot. (Saturday @ 5:30pm, GameX Theater)

Unskippable Live – Ever curious about the Unskippable stuff that never makes it to the site? Graham and Paul host 30 minutes of never-before seen footage, including extended scenes and lost episodes. Oh, and they’ll be tackling a special episode of Unskippable live. (Friday @ 6:30pm, GameX Theater)

The Escapist Video Extras – 30 minutes of video from The Escapist‘s archives including never-before seen test footage and extended scenes from your favorite series! (Friday @ 6pm, GameX Theater)

The Escapist Fan Favorites – Another 30-minute block of everybody’s favorite episodes from The Escapist‘s most popular video series including Zero Punctuation, Unskippable and Apocalypse Lane. This session also marks the world premiere of our newest animated video series, Game Dogs. (Saturday @ 6pm, GameX Theater)

It won’t just be all video, all the time, though. As part of our commitment to journalistic excellence in the videogame industry, The Escapist staff will be taking the mic to participate and moderate some of the discussion panels on issues that the industry must face moving forward.

Voice of the Gamers
Featuring: Yahtzee Croshaw, Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Joystiq, and the staff of The Escapist. (Saturday @ 11:30am, GameX Theater)

Beyond Raids and Ganks: Exploring Next-Gen MMOs
Panel Moderated by The Escapist Publisher, Alexander Macris. (Saturday @ 4pm, GameX Industry Summit)

Narrative Design: Creating Dramatic Structure in Games
Panel Moderated by The Escapist Editor-in-Chief, Russ Pitts. (Sunday @ 10:30am, GameX Industry Summit)

And finally, if you’ve ever wanted to meet the web-video stars in person, you’ll get your chance: Ben “Yahztee” Croshaw, Paul Saunders and Graham Stark will be signing autographs Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 1pm at the GameX VIP Red Carpet Booth.

Plus, we’ll be up there on the show floor – so if you bump into our video crew or Senior Editor Susan Arendt, why not say hi? (Well, make sure they’re not filming something first. That’s just polite.)

See you there!

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