Cheers for the Holiday season! Here at The Escapist, we thought you deserved something special, as a gift, from our house to yours.

Each day leading up to December 25th, a new panel on this calendar will alight with a number. Click on the lighted panels and you’ll be taken to a different page. Each day is something new. Maybe something you’ve never seen before. Maybe a new installment of an old favorite column or video series.

On December 25th, the last panel will alight, and if you’ve clicked all 25 boxes, you’ll get a special Holiday 2009 badge for your forum profile. Only registered users get the badge, but once you’re registered all you have to do is click. And wait. OK, the waiting sucks. But the clicking … it’s easy.

To register for The Escapist, click here. To view the advent calendar, click here.

Happy Holidays from The Escapist!

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