If you ever wanted to know a little more about the dark lord that runs our little Imperial corner of the world, then you’ll want to hear what Alexander Macris, aka Archon, had to say at Casual Connect … and beyond.

Defy Media’s Alexander Macris, Senior VP of Games, was at Casual Connect a couple weeks ago and talked about creating content in today’s fast-paced world and how to bring viewers to the brand. And while the accompanying video gives all you need to know about the talk, Gamesauce went one better and did a profile on the man The Escapist community knows as Archon.

In a profile on Macris, Gamesauce delved into his law background, as well as how he got started in the video game content scene. He created The Escapist in 2005, sold to Alloy Digital in 2013, and then merged with Break Media in 2014 to form Defy Media. In his current role, he oversees Addicting Games, Shockwave, GameFront, GameTrailers and The Escapist.

He has won numerous awards during his tenure and said that anyone trying to break into the business needs a solid foundation of contacts. “Networking is like tending a garden planted with seeds of an unknown varietal,” he said. “You don’t know what will grow, nor do you know when they will bloom, but if you don’t tend the garden regularly, it is certain that they will die.”

The article was done as a background piece for speakers at this year’s Casual Connect. Check it out for more Archon info.

Source: GameSauce

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