The Escapists Busts Out On Kickstarter

The Escapists (no, not us) is a game about a prison break being developed by the creator of Spud’s Quest.

For the sake of clarity, The Escapists has absolutely nothing to do with The Escapist, although I do rather enjoy the idea of the editorial department having to plot its way out of Alcatraz in time for Friday happy hour. Nonetheless, it is a pretty excellent name, an observation I make as an entirely unbiased observer, and not a bad idea for a game, either.

That idea is a simple one: You’re in the hoosegow and you want to get out. But it’s not just a matter of walking out the front door when everyone’s backs are turned. You’ll have to work around the prison schedule to avoid attracting unwanted attention, and maintain a good reputation with both guards and your fellow cons in order to get you through those moments when attention in unavoidable. A shovel is good for digging, but lights and tunnel supports will come in handy too; you’ll need to craft tools from everyday objects – sharpening a toothbrush into a shank would probably be a good place to start – and hone your muscles in the yard and your mind in the prison library.

Creator Chris Davis said he’s still incorporating new ideas into the game but noted that the base engine is mostly done and “the vision is there.” This isn’t his first rodeo, either; in 2012 he went to Kickstarter with Spud’s Quest, which he successfully funded, completed, released and now sells. Davis is seeking ₤3000 ($4850) for this game, which he hopes will be ready to go in the summer of 2014. More information about the most-excellently-named The Escapists (not The Escapist) can be found at

Source: Kickstarter

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