The Escapist‘s Publisher Speaking on Interactive Storytelling via Second Life


If you’ve ever wondered about the function of storytelling in an interactive environment (i.e., videogames), pop in to Second Life this afternoon to hear Escapist publisher Alex Macris enlighten you.

Linden Labs’ Second Life has quite a few uses outside of its (in)famous depth of user-generated content. Some tech-savvy teachers use it to hold classes in the virtual world, and then there’s Metanomics.

A “passionate community” of people who are interested in exploring “the serious uses of virtual worlds” – that is, videogames and places like Second Life – Metanomics is perhaps best known for its weekly web show Wednesdays at 3PM EST (12PM PST), in which speakers discuss the nature of the virtual worlds surrounding us.

This week’s discussion is on how virtual worlds lend themselves to immersive and interactive storytelling:

What’s the difference between a story and a game? Does interactivity always imply that stories contain game mechanics and that games always contain story? How do you create a compelling narrative in a virtual world? What are the tools, tips and approaches to creating online narrative?

One of the speakers is The Escapist‘s own publisher, Alexander Macris – a graduate of Harvard Law School and long-time expert on the subject of MMOGs and virtual worlds. So, if you’re interested in storytelling in fictional, interactive environments and want to hear what the man who founded The Escapist thinks on the subject, watch the show broadcast live today at 3PM EST (GMT-5).

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