What’s better than the chance to win a copy of Fable II, an Xbox 360 Elite and a Samsung 37″ 1080p HDTV? Two chances!

Here’s The Deal

Entering our Fable II contest is simple: just fill out your information and you’re automatically entered into a random drawing for the prize pack. In addition to providing your vital stats (name, address, ice cream preference, that sort of thing), you’ll also be asked to choose your alignment: good, neutral or evil. The skin on our site will change to reflect your choice of alignment. Here’s the twist — the winner will be chosen from the alignment with the FEWEST votes.

So that’s one chance to win some pretty sweet prizes, but we promised you two. Play the Fable game in your profile at least five times (you can play once per day between now and October 24th), and you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing for a second time but ONLY if you’ve already entered the contest. Here’s the catch – your second entry will be under the faction that you end up in as a result of your game choices!

That’s two chances to nab some killer prizes, so SIGN UP NOW!

NOTE: This is for USA residents only and you must be 18 years or older to participate. Sorry, but that’s what the lawyers required.

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