The Fallout 3 Front Line


Bethesda can expect their newly acquired Fallout license to put the studio under some intense scrutiny. Fallout fans are devoted to the original games and notoriously expressive in their critiques of studios that mishandle the franchise.

Managing gamers’ expectations for the project is going to be a full-time job, and Bethesda already has members of the team on the forums, providing information and establishing dialog.

Gavin Carter, Fallout 3‘s Lead Producer, posted some details about the team that will be granting us access to the Wasteland once again:

  • Todd Howard, Executive Producer, is the final word on every decision made about the project.
  • Ashley Cheng is the Production Director for Fallout 3 and every other Bethesda title under development.
  • Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Designer.
  • Joel Burgess, Lead Level Designer
  • Steve Meister, Lead Programmer

I cordially suggest that Bethesda refer to the Fallout 3 dev team as The Hot Seat. While it must be exciting to take on such a well-respected franchise, the fan base isn’t going to make it easy for them.

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