Anyone who says the End of Days is not upon us is obviously unaware of the latest advancement in cutting-edge business technology: An office chair that will Twitter your farts.

“The Twittering office chair ‘tweets’ (posts a Twitter update) upon the detection of natural gas such as that produced by human flatulence,” internet fartstar Randy Sarafan wrote on Instructables. “This is part of my commitment to accurately document and share my life as it happens.” The chair posts witty little messages like “He farted right on me again,” “I wish I were some other chair” and “Someone please disassemble me” whenever it gets fed an air biscuit.

The design of the chair is actually quite complex, requiring materials including a Squidbee wireless transmitter and receiver pair, a 50k trimpot, various power tools (including, preferably, a laser cutter) and a natural gas sensor. Assembly of the Fart-O-Matic Twitter Chair takes only 19 ridiculously complicated steps, after which you too will be able to effortlessly tell the whole world every time you step on a frog.

What would possess a man to put such time and energy into building a chair that automatically tweets his canary-killers is a question for minds greater than mine. All I know is this: Close to 3000 people have signed up to follow his OfficeChair twitter page. The end of the world is surely nigh.

via: Gizmodo

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