You can now try out Final Fantasy XIV without worrying about a time limit ending your gameplay.

Since its launch in 2013, Final Fantasy XIV has offered up a free trial for anyone who wants to try it out. It was limited to 14 days, among other restrictions, but as of today, that time limit has been removed.

In its place, Square Enix is implementing a level cap of 35. That means you’ll be able to to try out everything the game has to offer (including Chocobo Racing) at your own pace, all the way up to level 35. There are still a few restrictions, including currency caps and chat restrictions, of course. Square’s press release says that, “even the expired accounts will be brought back to life, allowing players to continue their previous adventures. If you tried the free trial before but time flew by too fast, you can come back and pick up exactly where you left off with the same character!”

If you ever wanted to try out Final Fantasy XIV, but didn’t want to mess around with the time limit on the trial, that excuse is gone now. You can find the PlayStation trial client here, and the PC client here. You can find more information over at the game’s official website.

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