The First Four Minutes of Assault on Dark Athena


It may as well be Chronicles of Riddick day on G4 as the network produces the opening cinematic of Starbreeze’s FPS remake, along with a live demo with the producers.

When I last saw The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena back in December 2008, I had nothing but extravagantly positive things to say about Starbreeze’s FPS retread — a practice that will continue once more as G4TV snagged an exclusive first-look at the opening intro to the latest chapter in the Vin Disel si-fi series.

The intro sequence of Assault on Dark Athena picks up directly where the 2004 Xbox title, Escape from Butcher Bay, left off. Having escaped from the triple-max security prison along with his one-time captor turned bounty hunter companion, William Johns, Riddick awakes from his sleep to discover his stolen vessel has been snagged by the space-faring spire known as Dark Athena. Here, we’re introduced to one of the captains who, as GiantBomb points out, is voiced by Michelle Forbes of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame.

Naturally, just when things are about to get interesting the clip ends. If you’d like to pick up where this leaves off, tune into tonight’s replay of X-Play on G4TV, where Tigon Studios’ head of game production, Ian Stevens, will be giving a live demo of the first level from the highly anticipated shooter.

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