The Future of Videogame Faces Looks Kinda Like Hellraiser


L.A. Noire‘s faces may be impressive, but they’ve got nothing on this.

Much hubbub has been made over Team Bondi’s superb facial animation in Rockstar crime drama L.A. Noire. It’s the sort of thing that actually turns game characters into something resembling real-life people, without the hollow stare that haunts conversations in other games made by companies whose names begin with “B.”

Unfortunately for Team Bondi, Janimation has them one better. A Janimation employee sent a video over to Kotaku regarding his company’s proprietary new facial rendering tech, and it’s damn impressive.

Skip to about 0:35 into the video to see how it looks in real-life – and brother, it looks painful. I’m sure you get used to wearing all those shiny little diodes, but it kind of reminds me of that dude from Hellraiser.

Also, the tooth decay in the finished model is a bit unsettling. The original model had perfectly fine teeth, guys. Can’t we leave it at that?

(Via Kotaku)

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