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The Good Life – Zero Punctuation


This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews The Good Life.

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Since it no doubt won’t be long before the government has to start rationing breathable air and Fox News calls us all socialist cucks for wanting more than three sucks a day, it’s obvious why there’s a growing niche for cozy life simulator games in your Stardew Valley sort of mould that let us live out unrealistic fantasies of being able to earn a living, own property and make new friends as an adult. The Good Life is a take on that genre from our old pal Swery, the quirky Japanese auteur developer behind Deadly Premonition, J.J. Macfield and the Last Crusade et al. If you want my quick estimation of SWERY, if, say, Hideo Kojima is a bag of cheesy Wotsits, Swery is a knockoff corner shop own brand corn snack that sells for about ten pee a bag, tastes like packing material and clings to your teeth with the resilience of Jean Valjean. But he is an auteur and worth celebrating for that even if he’s never let himself be held back by little things like lack of game design competence or original ideas. You can always tell from SWERY’s new games what TV shows he’s been binging lately. With Deadly Premonition 1 and 2 it was Twin Peaks and True Detective respectively.

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