This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

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I worry I’ve been doing too much weeb shit lately. Tends to draw a certain crowd. Hey, if you like sputtering one out to greasy cartoon tits that jiggle like semi-sentient party balloons then more power to you, just seems weird to get so evangelical about it. Anime fans are like vegans without the moral superiority or the – no actually, about the same body odour. “Ooh Yahtzee if you liked Ys 9 so much you should try Wonderful Party Balloon Romance Panic IV as well!” Oh god, you’re all so fucking greasy you’re turning my front lawn into Sauerkraut just by standing on it. Look, anime is like an ice cream parlour. It’s a fun treat now and again but if you go there every day you’ll end up fat and disgusting and being used as a cautionary example for the benefit of the small children with whom you share a hobby. And its variety of flavours and hair colours all kinda taste the same when buried under a pile of gummi bears and blatant fetishisation. And when I go there I usually stick to the low fat yoghurt option because it’s only ever the exceptions that I seem to like. So don’t go filling the comments with visual novel recommendations just ‘cos I’m doing a visual novel, now, I only like the Ace Attorney games because of the ways they differ from most visual novels.

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